Tips to Have Lasting White Smile

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Although there are a lot of teeth whitening options available nowadays, patients should not mindlessly go back to their old ways after undergoing the treatment. Remember that the procedure is done to get rid of discolorations not make the teeth stain resistant. Meaning, the teeth can once again lose their luster even if a dentist performs the treatment. That said, it is imperative for patients to observe the correct practices to keep their teeth glowing. For tips, here is a list we at Horizon West Dentistry have prepared!

pearly white smiles

Ways to Keep the Teeth Shining after the Treatment

Healthy teeth = bright looking smile

Patients are advised to keep their regular habits like brushing twice a day, floss at least once, and rinse regularly. Doing so keeps the intense colors and other harmful factors from clinging on the teeth every day.

Schedule regular dental cleanings

Aside from keeping the teeth healthy, routine cleanings can also help maintain the effects after teeth whitening. Although oral hygiene at home can clean the mouth properly, there are still some areas that can be left out. Fortunately, with the help of a dentist, these areas can be covered to give patients a more effective mouth clean.

Use the recommended oral products

Dentists too want every patient to enjoy their whitened smiles longer, that is why they often recommend the best mouthwash and toothpaste to use. Using the ones with whitening properties are ideal. Although they cannot whiten the teeth like the professional approach, they can help keep the teeth glowing until the next touch-ups.

Choose what you eat

Anything that can stain a white cloth can do the same to the teeth. That said, it is essential for patients to, as much as possible, lessen their consumption of staining foods and beverages. However, if it becomes quite unavoidable, try to consume liquids using a drinking straw. The less time these substances are allowed to be in contact with the teeth, the better. That is why patients should immediately brush their teeth after meals.

Let our dental professionals keep your smile glowing by booking an initial consultation. Doing so lets them determine whether Opalescence or in-house whitening treatment will be performed.

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